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Vegan Roasted Sandwich



Makes 1
2 slices thick sourdough or ciabatta
3-4 very thin slices of butternut or other squash
½ tsp smoked paprika
Salt and black pepper, to taste
3 tbsp hummus 
Olive oil
1 ripe avocado, sliced
A handful of (arugula) rocket

1 Pop the slices of bread into a toaster, then heat a glug of olive oil in a frying pan. Once hot, add the butternut squash, smoked paprika and seasoning. Fry until the squash is soft and golden brown, which takes around 5-10 minutes.

2 Spread the hummus on one of the pieces of toasted bread, top with the squash, slices of avocado and handful of arugula (rocket), then sandwich together.

3 Add a little more olive oil to the same frying pan and, once hot, fry the sandwich until it has just warmed through, turning over halfway through to ensure both sides of the bread are equally browned.



By: Natalie D
On: 02/19/2016 09:04:18
Yummy! More vegan and veggie recipes, please!
By: Margaret
On: 02/19/2016 16:15:33
This looks absolutely delicious - and different too. I love that it calls for sliced squash. I get so tired of vegetarian and vegan roasted sandwiches featuring portabella mushrooms - always disgusting but I think it is so popular because it can be made to "look" like a meat substitute. This actually features nice things, and isn't struggling to be some compromise on a meat sandwich, which as a long time vegetarian I really appreciate!
By: John G.
On: 02/19/2016 16:27:59
It's like you read my mind! The timing for me is perfect for this recipe. I have two vegan friends coming to stay with me for a couple days. I love to cook, but am not a vegetarian, so have no idea what to do for them. This is perfect! Especially since I think they will get sick of nonstop pasta (the only thing I could think of to make). Nice, simple, easy recipe! Thanks!
By: Anna
On: 02/19/2016 16:34:05
I want to eat that picture! Thanks for this. Even nonvegetarians would like this I think, and it's never a bad thing when people lighten up on the meat consumption. But I think sometimes vegan dishes can seem uninteresting to people who are used to meat. This looks like something just about anyone would like
By: Simon_G_P
On: 02/20/2016 01:50:48
I have to agree with another comment about those horrific mushroom creations you always get at restaurants. Why, oh why, can't they serve things like this? It's always a "veggie burger", which is some kind of mushy fake meat horror, or the old awful standby of portabello mushrooms cooked to look like meat. I honestly believe the only reason that is always served is because meat eating chefs can't deal with the idea of making a choice that doesn't look like meat, and seem to think all vegetarians are struggling and really want to have food that looks and/or tastes like meat. Not so! This recipe is exactly what vegatarians want, and in fact anyone would like it! Grace cuisine should send ideas to restaurants and maybe we can someday get nice food like this as vegetarians.
By: Adam
On: 02/20/2016 02:45:32
Genius. Packs the one two punch of hummus and avocado, the vegan's much healthier alternative to mayonaise and butter, and far tastier as well. Plus it has crunchy toasted bread. I love these kinds of recipes and ideas.
By: Arnold_The_Great
On: 02/20/2016 18:07:27
Looks great. For those who aren't vegans (like me) you can add a grilled chicken breast and still have a great sandwich. Don't mean to rain on the vegan parade, and it looks really tasty, but I prefer some protein in my meals. Still, great recipe, and pretty easy to modify if you aren't a vegan.
By: Margaret
On: 02/20/2016 18:18:11
Arnold - I hear what you're saying, and fair enough if you aren't a vegetarian. But in reality most people eat a lot more protein than they actually need (about twice as much). Also, plant based proteins like beans and whole grains don't have the saturated fat often found in animal protein, and provide fiber and loads of other nutrients as well. Again, I don't mean to debate or in any way criticize, but it is possible to have a nice, satisfying meal without meat,- not saying everyone should become a vegetarian, but the argument that you have to eat meat at every meal and can't even try a sandwich without meat just doesn't make sense to me.
By: Aubrey Pickering
On: 04/14/2016 14:09:33
I made this. Lovely. Gracias.
By: John Stone
On: 03/20/2018 15:00:46
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It's nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same old rehashed material.
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