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Grace Cuisine

These are mashed potatoes, spiced, covered in a gram flour batter and fried.
Vegan eating at its best: we promise you won't notice the lack of cheese!
A marinade of garlic, spices and a dairy-free buttermilk give the tenderness of fried chicken without all the deep-fried grease
A reasonably priced muscat is fine for this, so there is no need to use anything special. We often add a few muscat grapes to this in the autumn, at the end of cooking.
If you don't make it today, you never will! Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day to all!
Light, comforting and summery, this cure-all broth is our alternative to Asia's chicken noodle soup.
A proper steak sandwich, made with well-aged meat, a fresh, crusty roll and all the right condiments, is one of the most glorious things you can eat with your hands
Earthy, sweet and versatile, a beetroot you pickle yourself will give far more pleasure than one from a tin – as this salad proves
It's quick, easy and you can add your own flourishes - Get creative!
It might sound unusual, but rhubarb shares all the qualities that make tomato a classic ketchup ingredient
You don't need any special tools to make yoghurt; it's a fairly easy undertaking, but you will need to gather a few bits and pieces first
...because you can never eat enough broccoli
Bake your loved ones their very own personal pudding this Christmas and serve with spiced rum and lime mascarpone for a different twist on the traditional brandy butter
Hearty food for a chilly night
A deep-fried Dutch kroket, stuffed into a soft roll and slathered with spicy mustard, makes a delicious late-night snack
Ginger will bring the zing back to cooked cabbage, lift a pumpkin pie and loves to get involved in any beef dish
This recipe for delicious overnight oats – a summery version of porridge – may well tempt your children away from the sugar-laden boxes in the cereal aisle
There's not much better than the hot sizzle of fish and topped with a spritz of lemon juice
The key to brisket is its layer of fat, which melts while cooking, so don’t trim it first.
This version works well garnished with anchovies and capers and, if you're feeling decadent, it's lovely with a fried egg on top
Classically Argentinian, the chimichurri is the perfect accompaniment – fresh, zingy and with plenty of depth to cope with that beautiful beef
Try this warming, hearty mushroom stew topped with a big dollop of flavoured ricotta
That well-known bottle does a very good job, but when tomatoes are in season, it's cheaper and tastier to cook up your own batch
Smoked Salmon & Brie make for a great topping but don't be afraid to mix it up and try your own!
Everyone loves fish fingers, but I bet you've never had them like this.
Zesty and light, this tart is a firm favourite at Grace Towers
This is a great way to liven up some fresh tomatoes with a very underrated spice, cumin
Thick, spicy and filling; this soup makes a great starter or really filling lunch.
Don't be nervous about cooking with Monkfish; it's actually really straightforward and the combination of flavours will certainly make your efforts worthwhile!
Or Rice with chicken and chorizo to you and me.
Vietnamese marinated salmon served with a simple but refreshing garnish of spring onion and dill.
Those sensitive to dairy or nuts usually miss out on creamy salads and fragrant pesto – not any more, thanks to soya and seeds
This light summer dessert boasts an intense berry flavour and an airy texture inspired by the frothiness of a soya cappucino
I'd definitely make an effort to track down some fresh curry and lime leaves for this – they will transform the dish in ways dried ones could only dream of. Serves four.